Tribal unity 4 liberation


White Traditionalists in America FEAR Niggas coming into power so much that they have constructed a global system of racial injustice just to prevent Niggas from doing so.

Using MENTAL ENSLAVEMENT as it’s chief paradigm it operates on a level of perception so far below the average Nigga’s conscious radar that it all but escapes detection entirely… ..All the while unconsciously generating a phenomenon so intense that it transforms even the most basic and routine of a Nigga’s activities into violent acts of white supremacist hatred.

Niggas even practice Nigga-Hatred in America.

BLACK-White Traditionalists in America (for reasons weirder than the fact that BLACK-White Traditionalists in America exist) FEAR Niggas coming into power, TOO. So much so that they have constructed a mirroring system of honky ass-kissing, political pandering and social irresponsibility hoping to curry favor with their ex-slavemasters and possibly move themselves into positions similar to those whom they envy.

Black-on-Black Crime is one manifestation of this malady. Bougie-Niggas bragging about still being “GHETTO” but complaining that Niggas who use “broken” Anglish, “Ebonics” or the word “Nigga” are “TOO GHETTO”, Shameless Black Hooker-Ho Pale-Penile Schlobnobbery, Super-Duper Honky-Brown-Nosing Tactics, Undue black-on-black Criticism and Willie-Lynchism are yet even more others (*NOTE FOR SMART-DUMB MUTHAFUCKAHS : Willie Lynch may not have existed, my nigga… but the SYNDROME definitely DOES).

The very fact that such a wide and varied array of ethnophaulisms (ethinic slurs) exist within the language we speak marks our’s as a VERY.. not even RACE-CONSCIOUS but, RACIALLY-DIVISIVE… naw, naw… a RACIALLY-VIOLENT society.

Still… most niggas don’t believe it’s just cause for all of this.


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