Gays in the Hip Hop scene

gay4gay3gayhiphop2hiphophomoThe topic of homosexual and gay rappers has always been a bit of taboo in the hip hop community, and now Fat Joe chimes in with his thoughts on the topic of gays.
Times sure have changed since we were young, and Fat Joe is all about progression. In a recent interview, Joey Crack sat down with DJ Vlad to discuss the topic of gays within the hip hop music community.
Fat Joe believes that in this day and age, that if you are gay you should come out and say it proudly. The New York based rapper also went on to share his thoughts on what he refers to as the “Gay Mafia.”
“[Hip Hop] is the greatest gay market in the world. The Hip Hop community is most likely owned by gay. I happen to think there’s a gay mafia in Hip Hop. Not rappers – editorial presidents of magazines, the PDs at radio stations, the people who give you awards at award shows. This is the fucking gay mafia, man. They’re in power,” he continued. “So why wouldn’t a guy come out and say, ‘Yo, I’m gay’ and get that type of love? Like Lady Gaga, I don’t know if she’s gay but she’s running with that gay shit for real. And she’s winning. […] It’s 2011 going on 2012. I think if you’re gay, rep your set.”
Maino was recently asked about how he felt about gay rappers, and if he would do a song with a gay emcee. Maino expressed that he was pretty sure that he already has. Fat Joe agreed to this testament, and believes he has also rapped alongside a gay lyricist.
“I think I’ve done songs with gay rappers. I’m pretty sure of that. I’m pretty sure the football niggas is gay, the basketball niggas is gay – niggas is gay,” he said. “There’s millions of gay people in the world. Girls, too. Once again, I’m not a fan of that shit either. I’m a fan of, ‘Yo, I’m gay, what the fuck?’  You gotta hide that you’re gay? Be real! Like, ‘I’m gay, what the fuck?’ If you gay, you gay. That’s your preference. Fuck it, if the people don’t like it.”


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