Becoming a nation, once and for all.

Every other race has done it. We can’t get any respect as a people because we won’t pull together. We are so divided up by religion and politics, white supremacy, that we all ended up being a nation of consumers. We must start producing for ourselves before we can get the respect that we deserve from this world. We must ban together and have our flag, and creed, and we must all support black business at most, if not all times. We must start a private corporation, hire the best of the best to serve on the panel, and put a dollar a week into this corporation. We’d have billions of dollars to buy farmland, start our own factories and stores, build our own houses and schools, etc. As long as we depend on the white man to get us where we need to be, we will never come out of the rut were in, and we will slowly sink into the abyss. We can spend money on everything else but helping ourselves. Four dollars a month, even five is not too much to have to give, plus you will be part owner. We need to break loose from the apron strings of the Government, because we wont be able to depend on them much longer. Lets earn the respect that others get, and reach back and pull one another up and not worry about differences. That’s the only way we can make it. I know that they put things in place to mess up all our plans, but we can’t give up. Theres enough purchase power in us right now to buy this whole damn country. Think of just a million people doing this.


3 thoughts on “Becoming a nation, once and for all.

  1. I am sure you expected that the hypocritical pig skins would have your page removed from Facebook. Please continue to post the comparison pictures. They help to keep my mind actively aware of the struggle. Nonetheless, I would also like to see more articles that focus on black collectivism – calling for black people to become more supportive of their own people. Racism is not our problem, our problem is black on black hatred. You see, we cry racism because we are not getting what we need at home. If a child is raised to be pursue his dreams, be highly esteemed, have self respect, to have pride in self, family and lineage, he would not be bothered by what his happening in the outside world. Remember black wall street and all the thriving black businesses and families during segregation? Segregation was the best thing that ever happened to black Americans. Why are they fighting to be equal to whites? I think those so called black leaders who encourage black people to fight racism instead of building their own communities and taking care of their own people has continue to do black people are disservice and that type of thinking is injurious to the black mindset. To be fair, I think most of those who pursue equality with whites are Christians and they failed to realize that these very same white Christians were hanging their family members – don’t say ancestors because some of the black people who were lynched would still be alive today if they were not murdered. The lynching of black people was like a celebration for whites – a kind of rites of passage because they regularly brought along their children to watch the lynching and a picnic basket and were barbecuing while they enjoyed the lynching sport. Also, be mindful of the fact that they will try and succeed in having removed from word press and ignore the thousands of anti black site/white supremacist pages hosted on word press.

  2. African Americans, stop being Christians. Go back to worshipping the god of your ancestors. Martin should have been buried with the a knife with his hand and/or his spirit should be trained to exact revenge on his killer and in no time, Zimmerman, would have died of “natural causes.” Now, that Zimmerman has been found not guilty, it is not too late to visit a black magician and pay for him to die of natural causes. You do not have to get violent. Stop protesting and go back to your ancestral gods for help. leave pigskin god to pigskins. do not wait for pigskin penis god to take revenge for you because it has not happened in 500 years when pigskins were hanging your ancestors from trees, wrapping barb wires around their bodies, tying them to horse drawn carts/cars and dragging them to their death and every evil imaginable. Jesus Christ was a ship. Christianity is white male penis worship. If you want o see real Christianity go back to back to Ethiopia and stop following pigskin perversion Christianity.

    • Tha’s right! Once they notice that they all mysteriously end up dead, they’ll think twice before they pull some more shit like that.

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