Get divine justice for Trayvon

Naazir El Neter Ratrayvon

This is AMUN- RA’s prayer for justice as spoken through Naazir El Neter Ra…
Say this with great conviction for 7 days and 7 nights and burn a candle for exactly one hour with the absolute knowledge that it will be done… … “Devil, your time is up. You are a deteriorating caucus of recessive genes. You have raped the earth and defiled the animals, plants and indigenous people. You are a beast on two legs. You will reap all of what you have sown. You are death and disease personified. You represent the lowest, basic lusts and passions! May the sun scorch you! May all living things reject you! May you find no peace! Your time is up…. May Ra burn you up and may the black earth consume your frail flesh that she may be cleansed of your lies, filth and savage ways! May all things things be done in Divine Order in alignment with the Highest Good for ALL. ASHE / AMUN”
This incantation is very powerful. You will see results if done correctly. DO NOT say this prayer with a heavy heart (malice or hate) It is a cleansing, like killing germs…  Smile and know it will be done!


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