Tell me again

hanging2Tell me again why we should forget I see that you haven’t forgotten Pearl Harbor yet Tell me again why you say you can’t … You paid everyone else for their time in the camps
Tell me again why we should ignore The many times you said “you’re mama’s a whore” Tell me again why because we fail to see The reasons you hung all our men from a tree
Tell me again why our history you choked For chaining us, killing us, suppressing our vote Tell me again why we should share your terror Our enemy’s long been who you see in the mirror
Tell me again why you wouldn’t relent From calling our ancestors niggers and wench Tell me again why so we’ll understand And please with a straight face if you think you can
Tell me again why those little girls died For once tell the truth not another ‘white lie’ Tell me again why now that you live in fear It’s about time you felt what we felt all those years
Tell me again why because we’re not insane We know no one’s cornered the market on pain Tell me again why is it you find? When you cry your tears they are wet just like mine
Tell me again why, we pray that you tell Why when we made your heaven you gave us pure hell Tell me again why what is your excuse Why you won’t compensate us for all your abuse
Tell me again why because our ancestors need To hear that you’re sorry for your hate and greed Tell me again why, why should we forgive The ones who detest the mere fact that we live
I’ll tell you why if I may be so bold We have to forgive you to save our own souls.
From the gospel musical “Reaching For Freedom” by Jay Arrington

Christianity today

christiansenslavesus1) Christianity as we know it today was brought to us by the White Man and since we know by experience that whatever the White Man brings us or allows us as Continental/Diaspora Afrikan People to have and die for can only be his political, economic and social crumbs, leftovers and surpluses which he does no longer need and use, it stands to reason that , Christianity as the White Man’s gift to slave/colonial/neo-colonial Afrika is nothing but the White man’s religious crumbs, leftover and surplus for which he has no use .

2) Anything valuable, precious and critical to the White man’s Survival and Prosperity on Earth is never shared by the White man with the Afrikan but kept for himself as Top Secret which he must keep away from the rest of the Non-Western world to guarantee his White Supremacist power , domination and control and rule over Afrika .

3) Hence, any Afrikan who , out of ignorance is programmed to accept, believe and die for the white man’s religious Crumbs which he is programmed to call Christianity deserves liberation from those who are awakened by the Power and Freedom of our AfrikaCentric Continental AfrikaTruth which alone is destined to totally empower and liberate us Afrikacentrically or Continentally from head to toe whether we like it or not and from the Hell of our today’s man-made religious lies and religious colonialism of Christianity

4) No AfrikaCentric Continental/Diaspora Afrikan can be a Christian because Christianity was brought to us in Afrika by those who don’t know or understand what the world’s First Religion is which we now call Continental AfrikaReligion or AFRIKANITY and from which all of our today’s Foreign based or controlled or oriented Religions in Afrika, spring and without which there will be no Judaism, No Christianity and no Islam for some of our today’s religiously colonized, dominated, controlled and de-Afrikanized , Westernized , uprooted and self-ignorant Continental/Diaspora ‘African’ Christians to prefer over the Limitless Power, Protection, Blessings, Security, Pride and Dignity of their own Continental AfrikaReligion of their Sacred and Holy Ancient Continental AfrikaSaints from which they have been disconnected and totally ignorant of .

5) No Awakened Continental/Diaspora Afrikan can be a Christian because Christianity was imposed on Afrika by any means necessary and for the sole purpose of keeping us ignorant of the Power , Pride and Dignity of our one and only Continental AfrikaReligion without which there will be no Christianity today for some Westernized Africans to prefer over the world’s First and Oldest Religion on Earth and mother of all Christianity , Judaism, Islam etc to which they have become addicted and enslaved by

6) No Conscious Continental/Diaspora Afrikan can be a Christian because Christianity robs of us of the Heaven of our Ancient/Traditional Continental AfrikaConcept, Definition, Practice and Sacred Name of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU WHO LOOKS LIKE US AND WHOSE HOLY, PERFECT, SACRED AND IMMORTAL IMAGE WE ARE MADE OF

6) No Living Continental/Diaspora Afrikan can accept, believe and practice Christianity as his or her AfrikaReligion because Christianity imposes on us Alien, Foreign, Slave, Colonial and Neocolonial Western, Jewish , Arab and Eastern concepts , definitions and practices of the Creator which makes us to accept their religious lie that the Creator for Afrika can only be in the White man’s Image or Arab image or Jewish Image rather than and never in the Image of us Afrikans

7) No serious Continental/Diaspora Afrikan can prefer a Western-dominated, controlled and directed Foreign religion of Christianity which keeps us permanently ignorant of and uprooted from the Power , Protection , Guidance, Pride, Dignity and Security of our Holy Continental AfrikaReligion which we are programmed to spit on as a non-religion or the religion of the devil or superstition.

Otherwise they would not have kept us ignorant of and uprooted from the Power, Pride, Dignity and Security of our Continental AfrikaReligion from which came all today’s Foreign styles religion of Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc and imposed on us and Afrika not to save us but to Westernize or de-Afrikanize us and turn us into Anti-AfrikaReligion Africans in religious self-ignorance and uprootment, disconnection, decay and death

No true Continental/Diaspora Afrikan can be a Christian also because Christianity is anti-AfrikaReligion in Thoughts, Words and Deeds and which lives and flourishes at the expense of AfrikaReligion and as such for any Afrikan to follow or accept or prefer Christianity to
his own AfrikaReligion is to turn the Afrikan into a Traitor of his own AfrikaReligion of which he knows little or nothing

9) No true Afrikan can prefer Christianity to the Religion of his Continental Afrikan Ancestors which
uproots us from the Power, Protection , Guidance, Pride and Dignity of our Spirit, Ancestral, Divine Self, Being, State and Oneness within us and in all Creation as the Divine Manifestation of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU on Earth or the Divine Spirit in Human Flesh or the Micro of the Macro .

Europeans spend all their time on the planet to develop more and more dangerous weapons to wage war, while Africans were studying the universe, the changing seasons, invented the literature, arts, architecture, mathematics, writing, calendar, medicine, prayed their gods, mummified their dead, were preparing for life after the dead, invented even the wig which so many black women still adorn themselves. In short, they built what we consider today as civilization. When Europeans saw the splendour of Africa, they felt humiliated, inferior, incompetent because they had nothing built similar in Europe, apart from weapons of war. As a result, become envious, they began to conspire to conquer Africa and enslaving Africans. And that is exactly what they did. So what was promoted as the Western civilization for the past 500 years, is nothing else than the African civilization that they simply confiscated and proclaimed as theirs. Peace and Love Amon Re = Amen Ra Love, Wisdom and Power Akhenaton Horus.’.

Européens passaient tout leur temps sur la planète à développer des armes de plus en plus dangereuses pour faire la guerre, pendant que les Africains étudiaient l’univers, les changements de saisons, inventaient la littérature, les arts, l’architecture, les mathématiques, l’écriture, le calendrier, la médecine, priaient leurs Dieux, momifiaient leurs morts, se préparaient à la vie après la mort, inventaient même la perruque dont tant de femmes noires se parent encore aujourd’hui. Bref, ils construisaient ce que nous considérons aujourd’hui comme étant la civilisation. Quand les Européens ont vu la splendeur de l’Afrique, ils se sont sentis incompétents, humiliés, inférieurs, parce qu’ils n’avaient rien construit de comparable en Europe, hormis des armes de guerre. Par conséquent, devenus envieux, ils ont commencé à conspirer afin de conquérir l’Afrique et asservir les Africains. Et c’est exactement ce qu’ils ont fait. Ainsi ce qui fut promu comme étant la civilisation occidentale pendant les 500 dernières années, n’est rien d’autre que la civilisation africaine qu’ils ont simplement confisquée et proclamée comme étant la leur. Peace and Love Amon Re=Amen Ra Love, Wisdom and Power.